Practical tool: How to manage people so you can become their leader

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We’re living in a world where we need more leaders – a world where everyone has to learn how to manage people. Unfortunately, we’re still living in a world dominated by managers and bosses – a world we don’t want to live in anymore.

Leadership is not just about leading people at work to that place where they feel inspired every single day. Leadership is more than that – it is a way of building trustworthy relationships that can help build a safe environment.

More than that, leadership is a role that for so long was important only at work. Not anymore. If you know how to manage people at work, why not use the same skills at home?

Since the skills behind leadership are so useful when it comes to building trustworthy relationships, why can’t we use those skills to have better lives outside the job?

How to manage people in the organizational environment

When it comes to the organizational environment, even though the world is still lacking leaders, we are in a place where we understand that leadership is not limited to a few heroes within organizations. Also, we understand that effective and coordinated leadership is needed from the first-level managers to the CEO.

There’s a study on leadership that reached its 10th edition in 2020 and shows a lot of valuable information about leadership. In 2020 were examined responses from 15.787 leaders, 2.102 HR professionals, and 1.742 organizations.

Here are three conclusions:

  • There’s a trend that goes downward regarding the available leaders and only 47% of critical roles can be filled by current leaders. While in 2011 the percentage of available leaders was 18%, in 2020 the percentage dropped to 11%.
  • During crisis (yes, Covid-19) leaders are doing well. They spend more time learning and they find ways of stepping up when there are critical situations arising.
  • And finally, while more than half are rallying their team around a common purpose, only 14% are making the right hiring decision.

While this is great because it helps us understand where we are right now, studies lack the practical aspects of what one should do to improve their skills to learn how to manage people better. Therefore, as long as we only have studies and nothing more, the situation won’t improve.

Even more, when I’ve read all these studies and a few others, I’ve noticed that there’s no information about the only thing that really matters when it comes to leadership: how leaders build their relations with other people. Therefore, that’s what this tool is mostly about.

This tool will help you

  1. Understand the role of a leader and the differences between a leader, a boss, and a manager.
  2. Identify ways of using leadership at work and at home.
  3. Become a leader through practical activities and build amazing relationships with those around you.
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Practical tool: How to manage people so you can become their leader

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