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Practical Tools by David The Optimist

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Practical Tools by David The Optimist

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David The Optimist
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I spent hundreds of hours trying to understand people with decisional roles and help them overcome their most important struggles. As a result, in the last year I developed and create this set of practical tools just for people like you, who feel stuck and seem to have no solutions left.

You’ll learn directly from my experience working with leaders and managers and use the same information and activities they used to advance their cause.

  • 10 Practical Tools
  • 41 Personalized Activities
  • 1 Click Download-All

Now that everything’s great, you probably wonder what the tools are and how the personalized activities help you overcome your struggles.

Everything is just as important and you’ll see why.

PART 1: The Practical Tools

First of all, the tools you’ll get are developed based on the experience of working with people with decisional roles that impact big organizations, just like you.

As you’ll see, inside each tool you’ll find examples of uncomfortable situations and ways to get out of them, just so you know you’re not alone and you’re not the only one dealing with these struggles.

These tools are TESTED and they have been WORKING for managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The most important part of this set of tools is that it covers an important part of the most common struggles of today. And even if right now you don’t need all the tools, it’s your bird’s eye look into the way managers and entrepreneurs overcome their inner battles.

PART 2: The Personalized Activities

There is a total of 41 personalized activities – each tool having between 3 and 6 personalized activities.

The image you can see is one of the personalized activities of the tool How to get rid of what’s holding you back and it will make sense as you’ll go through the tool.

You’ll be able to guide yourself with the personalized activities and figure out entirely on your own the missing pieces of your solution’s puzzle.


When you get access to the set of tools, you’ll be on the cutting edge of what’s working right now in a world of constant change. You’ll be ahead of the game and know how to make your efforts count.

The practical tools give you an insight on exactly the methods used by managers and entrepreneurs.

  • The Practical Tools will give you specific information and knowledge to know how to better conquer your inner demons.
  • The Personalized Activities will give you the space you need to find the solution you need, at your own pace.
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Practical Tools
Personalized Activities


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